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Head Azienda

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  • - 3D CAD
  • - Reverse Engineering
  • - Rapid Prototyping in metal and plastic
  • - Tool construction
  • - Supply of castings


This was the evolution of innovative ideas with the experience gained by a motivated team of professionals operating in a vast number of different intellectual fields. The company can count on state-of-the-art skills in the realisation of rapid and functional prototypes obtained from metal castings, providing a complete service that ranges from the 3D design of the part to the realisation in molten metal.

We have various CAD 2D and 3D stations to offer parametrical modelling of complex parts, 3D services directly from 2D designs, mechanical designs, tabling and creation of technical documentation with exploded and cross section views. We also organise the design of special packaging in drawn polystyrene.

Box Azienda ENG


Electric and endothermic motors; operating machines; centrifugal pumps; winches; white goods; low voltage switches; finned units for heat dispersion, inverter boxes; oil-dynamic distributors; valves; components for frames and suspension systems; clutch and ignition casings; etc.

Box Azienda ENG


Thanks to the Rapid Prototyping services, we can bring your projects to life, realising functional parts in plastic, rubber, aluminium and pig iron extremely quickly, reducing your "Time to Market" along with containment of global project costs.


To assist companies in achieving their targets and making the road to success quicker and easier. The relationship we have with our customers is one of extreme confidence and trust, this means we always recommend the best possible solution for their specific needs, even if this means sending them elsewhere.