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Prototypes Srl, is used to interacting with some of the largest enterprises on the domestic and international market in its capacity as a technological expert and, as such, undertakes to safeguard your know-how in all its various forms.
This is why we can guarantee to treat all information regarding the preparation, development and realisation of a project, a prototype or models and moulds as highly confidential.
To ensure this commitment is not simply a matter of words spent in vain, please view our Non-Disclosure Agreement where Prototypes S.r.l. formally and legally assumes responsibility for the retaining of sensitive information.

In short, the Non Disclosure Agreement obliges Prototypes S.r.l. to treat all and any information received in virtue of the collaboration relationship (except those of public domain) with the Customer as strictly confidential.
The term “sensitive information” obviously refers to the 3D files which will be exchanged so as to prepare the quotation and for the subsequent realisation of the prototype.
In the event where a construction or additional processing phase requires the work of additional subjects (previously identified and selected), Prototypes S.r.l. is responsible for the actions of all such subjects who are also required to ensure maximum respect for the privacy and know-how of the Customer.