checks and non-destructive tests

On request we perform non-destructive tests of the following types:

The term dimensional control refers to the 3D scan file format with the 3D design geometry. in simple terms it allows to obtain a direct comparison between a physical object (subjected to a previous scan) and the corresponding starting CAD model. This is of particular importance for the quality control areas where it is essential to identify and quantify the possible di enze erences
between the 3D theoretical project and the objects resulting from production cycles that already by their nature introduce errors.

High detail control that produces digital images in output to highlight any defects such as inclusions, micro-retentions or shrinkages with remarkable precision.

Control used to search for superficial and sub-surface cracks in metal parts. It consists in the magnetization of the piece to be inspected and in the analysis of the distribution of the magnetic field on the object that is highlighted by a granular medium or fluorescent liquid capable of highlighting the discontinuities of the magnetic field that manifests itself in correspondence of the cracks.

Ultrasonic inspection is a non-destructive method in which high-frequency sound waves are introduced into the material to be examined, in order to highlight surface or internal defects, measure the thickness of the materials, measure the distance and size of the defects.

This control exploits the ability of some liquids to penetrate through surface capillarity (cracks, cavities, etc.). The low surface tension ensures penetration even within very thin discontinuities. After application and penetration of the liquid, the excess part is removed from the surface by washing with cold running water. Subsequently the piece to be examined is sprinkled with a powder called detector which thanks to the capillarity principle allows the penetrating liquid, which had entered into the defects, to emerge on the surface where it is
highlighted with appropriate lamps.