Prototypes for companies and private citizens

From 3D design to prototype
in a few days

rapid prototyping

High-quality 3D

Rapid prototyping applied to industrial and pre-competitive development

Prototypes Srl is the first 3D printing consulting center in Verona on services of mechanical prototypingfor professional and industrial use.

Our team has many years of experience in rapid prototyping applied to industrial and pre-competitive development, offering a professional response to companies and private citizens in need of an experienced and reliable partner for sampling, industrialization and testing of high-performance prototypes (3D printing service).

Prototypes for the B2B industry

Prototypes for companies

Companies need functional prototypes with specific technical characteristics that simulate those of the final product to test the behavior of a single component or the entire design with real working conditions.

All of our prototypes are made according to the company’s requirements, quickly and cost-effectively. With the ability to tap into a wide range of innovative materials and technologies for designing, printing and finishing professional prototypes for businesses.

Rapid Prototyping

We make every project real

Prototypes finds the best solution in accordance with the key parameters provided in the mechanical design phase, ensuring the most balanced result between quality/time/cost for 3D models.

This, combined with the experience of technical experts in a wide variety of fields of ingenuity, allows us to realize all kinds of designs from 3D materials.

rapid prototyping

More than a 3D printing service

A center for rapid prototyping services

We offer services designed to simplify your work and provide you with castings of complex parts quickly and cost-effectively. Choose the prototyping technique that best suits your project:

Quick Sand Casting

3D printed molds

SLS and DMLS printing


CNC Milling

And much more.

Automotive Prototyping

Do you own a garage to restore vintage cars and motorcycles?

Request a quotation for 3D printing parts that are no longer produced: making functional prototypes with Prototypes allows you to achieve your goals more easily and quickly, while containing overall project costs.