SLS 3D printer: the new entry among Prototypes technologies

A system of 3D printing which offers superior versatility, precision, and performance compared with other SLS systems. The latest addition among Prototypes technologies revolutionizes 3D printing and perfects the making of professional-grade prototypes.

One of the distinguishing features of Flight HT403P-H is its ability to sinter polymer powders, including PA, TPE, TPU, and other thermoplastics. This represents the ability to formulate a wide range of prototypes according to each customer’s specific requirements, providing an almost endless array of options for different projects.

With the same machine, reinforcing fibers can also be added at percentages such as 15 percent and 30 percent. Common fibers such as fiberglass, aluminum fiber and carbon fiber can be integrated into various prototypes, providing greater strength and durability.

The real innovation of this machine lies in its completely “open” 3D printing system, which provides for an incredible number of parameters and adjustments to enable printing of the most diverse materials. This flexibility offers full control over the production process, enabling customized, high-quality results.

The machine is equipped with a 500W “fiber” laser, which is much more innovative than the 130W CO2 laser sources used by most prototype companies. Thanks to this innovative technology, power fluctuations that could affect the quality of printed matter are avoided.

With its ability to sinter a wide range of polymers, delivering a precise, customized and quality result, the new SLS 3D printing system available from Prototypes represents innovation in rapid prototyping.

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